Fu Yung Hai

Fried Egg, Assorted Vegetables, Meatball, Shrimp on Sweet & Sour Sauce.

Lamb Curry

Stewed Diced Lamb in Aromatic Curry Broth Served with Steam Rice & Bitternut Crackers.

Lontong Cap Gomeh

Rice Cake in Mild Curry Broth Served with Shrimp Crackers & Homemade Traditional Sambal.

Oxtail Soup/ Fried

Braised Oxtail in Aromatic Spices Broth Comes with Steam Rice, Bitternut [Crackers can be Served as a Soup or Deep Fried].

Rawon Komplit (Beef Black Sauce)

Stewed Diced Beef Tenderloin in Dark Brown Broth Served with Steam Rice, Sprout Beef Floss, Salted Egg, Prawn Crackers & Chili Shrimp Paste.

Sapo Tahu

Shrimp Slice, Squid, Red Snapper, Mushroom Hioko, Japanese Tofu Served in Oyster Sauce.

Wonton Soup

Clear Soup, Chicken Wonton, Green Vegetables, Shrimp, Diced Chicken, Meatball & Fishball.